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Services & Pricing

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Individual Coaching Services

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War Room Wellness Coaching focuses on Spiritual and Mental wellness from both a practical and biblical perspective.  War Room Wellness provides clients with the necessary skills to overcome mental overload and spiritual fatigue so they can regain their peace of mind without feeling the need to ignore it or suffer through it.

Pricing: $125 per session

Couples Coaching Services


War Room Couples Coaching is held weekly or bi-weekly.  The War Room coach will work with the couple to identify their “stuck” places, establish a personalized goal, and create a step-by-step, strategic plan for achieving success.  The coach and client will meet regularly to assess progress and iron out any lingering obstacles. 


Pricing: $150 per session

Marriage Workshops

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The War Room Workshop is a 2-day Marriage Workshop that provides couples with insight into their experiences and the ways in which they can begin building a better, stronger relationship. Topics covered are specifically catered to the needs of the individual couple so that each couple can come away having received exactly what they needed.


Call for more information: (850) 710-0159

Romantic Couple

The War Room Marriage Intensive is a “marriage bootcamp” that provides couples with step-by-step guidance on building the type of marriage they desire. The program focuses on reestablishing the foundational principals for building a healthy marriage, revising the marital outlook, learning to support and communicate with one another, resolving conflict, rebuilding trust, and re-establishing intimacy (emotionally and physically).


Call for more information:  (850) 710-0159

Marriage Intensives

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