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Testimonials & Comments

I met Ms. Randle after I reached out to a counseling center to get some information about their services. I had recently separated from my husband of almost twenty years and the circumstances surrounding our separation had me emotionally bound and drained!  I'd cried every day for ten years.  When I walked into the room to meet with Mrs. Randle, I couldn't even talk! I just cried! It's funny because I remember we had to find some Kleenex! But she was better prepared on my next visit!

     My first few visits were just tears! I had been dealing with so much self-condemnation that I could not even talk about my pain. Mrs. Randle was patient, she listened, she cared. I never felt judged. She helped me understand many of my poor life decisions but encouraged me to find ways to use my experiences in a positive way. 

     My children even felt comfortable with her.  She provided a safe environment for them to share their feelings and talk about their likes and dislikes. I'll never forget how animated she was with my youngest boys and how she carried on and on with them about their favorite superheroes and the zombie apocalypse! This was important to me because we needed to feel safe! And we did!

     I highly recommend Mrs. Regina Randle and I truly thank God for a woman after his own heart who is making herself available to heal the hearts of his people! 

     Keep going Regina! Remember for every life you touch there is a possibility that they will touch the lives of many others! I know that I have!

     Thank you so much! You're in my continued thoughts and prayers!       ~ WL

Mother with Twins
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