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War Room Inspired Living

A Podcast Collection of
Real Faith, Real Talk, and Real Solutions

Welcome to "War Room Inspired Living," where authentic conversations intersect with Christian perspectives on real-life experiences.

After dedicating a combination of 26 years to the Military and Federal Government, I underwent a divinely guided career shift into the Mental Health field becoming as a Psychotherapist.

I derive immense joy from sharing practical steps to healthy living; and out of this passion, was born a platform of podcasts dedicated to blending biblical insight with down to earth strategies for navigating our day to day experiences. 

Our podcast collection offers a diverse array of discussions, always infused with biblical principles and practical solutions. Join us on a journey of faith, growth, and inspiration as we navigate life's challenges together, armed with the wisdom of scripture and the power of genuine dialogue."

Faith & Theory

Faith, Stories, & Strategies

War Room Faith and Theory
Faith & Theory

Welcome to 'Faith & Theory,' the podcast that blends real-life stories, biblical wisdom, and mental health strategies, offering listeners practical tools for their journey to mental and spiritual wellness.  Join us as we explore genuine experiences with everyday people, navigating the intersection of faith and evidence-based mental health practices. Our podcast is a dynamic conversation, building a bridge between the Word of God and actionable steps for your overall well-being.  Each episode unfolds as a narrative of hope, providing valuable insight and actionable strategies for achieving mental and spiritual wellness.  Tune in to 'Faith & Theory'—where faith and real-life stories converge to light the path towards a sound mind and a thriving spirit."

After the Altar

Tired of wondering "What now?"


Recognizing the common frustration of receiving the response "just pray about it," After the Altar is a transformative Bible study designed for Christians seeking practical answers.


Our study offers actionable insights to empower you after prayer, bridging the gap between supplication and transformation.


After the Altar is not a prayer replacement, but rather emphasizes the foundational role of prayer and aims to support and enhance your spiritual journey by offering a roadmap to assist you along the way.


Join us in exploring the dynamic synergy between prayer and practical steps @ After the Altar: Unveiling Faith in Action.

Coming Soon

After the Altar

Unveiling Faith In Action

War Room After the Altar

Coming Soon

Wine & Wisdom

Navigating Life's Complexities with

Flavor, Insight, and Faith

Wine & Wisdom

Join us on a unique journey as we blend casual wine tasting, candid societal discussion, and insightful biblical perspectives. No wine connoisseurship required—just a love for delightful sips and authentic conversations.


 Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday

9:00am - 5:00pm (CST)

Website Home page (2).png
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